NLC And Federal Government Reach Agreement On Minimum Wage:

The negotiation between the federal government and NLC has finally come to and end…nigerian workers were suppose to have emerged on strike following the failure of the new minimum wage but a negotiation was set ,since then and they have finally come up with an agreement that suits both parties.

The Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige,stated that payment of the new minimum wage would take effect as swiftly as possible and that it extends to both the public and private sectors.

He disclosed to news men yesterday in Abuja shortly after a government team concluded a meeting with labour leaders which lasted for 3days.

The disagreement was fueled by the consequential adjustments in salaries that must be implemented across the board in line with the new minimum wage law.

Speaking after the three-day meeting held for negotiations.
Ngige gave the breakdown of the consequential adjustment agreed upon,they are:

“For COMESS wage structure
grade level 7 gets 23%, level 8 gets 20%, level 9 gets 19%, levels 10 to 14 get 16% while levels 15 to 17 get 14% each.

“For those on the second category of wages structure, CONHES , CONRRISE, CONTISS amongst others, level 7 gets 22.2%, levels 8 to 14 get 16%, levels 15 to 17 get 10.5%.

He added that,
the third category of the country’s wage structure which includes the military and paramilitary was also factored in the agreement since they are not in the civil service, theirs would be communicated upon,through the approximate means.

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