Another fire incident in anambara at a beer parlour:

Yet another fire incident occurred at a beer parlour called padded joint in Nnewi area of Anambara state where three lives were lost and also properties.
This is the third fire incident to have occurred in Onitsha anambara..

According to correspondents the fire took place at about 3:am today, the workers about 3 females where sleeping as that is where they always lass their nights,when the fire broke out.

The owner of the beer parlour was set to have locked up the place and took along with her the keys while her female workers lay their heads to sleep.
So there was no way they could have broken out of the fire while it was in rage.
While the incident was ongoing there were no break lights of fire service to render any help.

Sources close says, no one has any idea what caused the fire out break.

This is the third fire incident in this week that has occurred in anambara,as we can recall the tanker explosion that claimed the lives of so many people including properties worth millions of naira..

While they mourn the victims of this beer parlour fire out break,the cause of the fire is yet to be discovered. ALSO READ: REPORT: ONITSHA FIRE OUTBREAK

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