Report: Onitsha Fire Outbreak:

It has been reported that a tanker driver carrying fuel lost control causing a sad incident at upper iweka road, Onitsha anambara state, Nigeria. According to our news agent, the incident have claimed the lives of so many innocent people including properties worth millions of naira.

This happened due to negligence from the part of the driver whose brake failed effortlessly just when he was in the middle of a huge crowd.

According to informations gathered from the incident. This happened on Wednesday 16th October where a tanker driver’s brake failed, he swiftly jumped out of the truck leaving the tanker to slide through on its own,this caused the tank to burst out causing the fuel to splash all over and leading to fire outbreak. This also led to an avoidable collateral damage causing a large amount of people their lives. It also consumed properties worth millions of naira.

Speaking to the sector commander of federal road safety corp, of the state, Andrew kumapayi; in his statement confirmed the heart aching news, by speaking to news men on what transpired. He stated that the tanker driver’s brake failed which led the driver to the swift abandoning of the tank,causing it to spill oil into all the close by gutters,houses and properties. Which led to the avoidable fire out break. It consumed ochanja market where so many people lost their lives and properties.

He stated that the fire service were there on time but was unable to put off the fire because their pump developed fault. This was a fire that could have been avoidable by both the fire service and the tanker driver.

This was a dark day for the people of Onitsha, as it left so many people in tears running helter skelter for their lives ones.


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