long-haul flight

  Long-haul flight sounds exciting at the beginning when you are planning because the thought of travelling distance is what fills your mind. The realization of a long-haul flight hits you when you get to the airport and you see the long hours you are about to spend before getting to your destination.

Who says you can’t survive a long-haul flight even with an economy ticket? You can actually have fun, the time allows you to relax and also delete some things from your to-do list.

What is a long-haul flight?

Flights spanning from 6 to 12 hours are considered to be a long-haul flight and anything above that is an ultra-long-haul flight.

Tips for surviving a long-haul flight

Although, there is nothing you can do to reduce the number of hours or make the flight go faster but there are things you can do during flight to make the flight enjoyable.

Pre-book your seat

Where you seat on a long-haul flight is a great determinant to how comfortable the flight would be. If it means setting an alarm please do so that you can book a seat as soon as you get the chance. It is advisable that you book a seat near the back of the plane if you want to avoid crying babies who are usually near the middle. A seat near the galley is another great choice where you can easily get up and use the extra room to stretch your legs.

long-haul flight

Window seats are a great option, you get to have a great view and you also avoid the aisles that are usually congested,

Dress comfortably on a long-haul flight

Comfort is very important and that is why it is advisable to wear outfits that are super comfy. Wear loose-fitting or stretchy outfit to allow you enjoy your flight. Avoid tight clothes or accessories as it will make you uncomfortable.

Pack your snacks

You can’t rely on the food you will be served during the flight to sustain you. The food you are served might not even be what you love. It is advisable to carry your own snacks that you can easily munch on to give you enough strength.

Pack your entertainment

One sure way to enjoy a long-haul flight is to pack your own entertainment. Go along with your own noise cancellation headset to help you block unnecessary noise and keep you engrossed in your in-flight entertainment.

A long-haul flight is also another opportunity to learn new things, so you can a new language and new skills. It’s all about your preference!

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Stay Hydrated on a long-haul flight

If you don’t want to get tired then you need to pack your own bottle of water that can be refilled easily. You also pat your skin with a moisturizer at intervals to prevent it from being dry.

long-haul flight


Your hand luggage is very essential and it is your go-to. There are basic things you should take and they are:

  • Empty water bottle to refill on board
  • Valuables/electronics
  • Chewing gum for blocked ears
  • Change of clothes
  • Earphones and earplugs
  • Sleep mask
  • Travel neck pillow
  • Sleep aid
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Medication
  • Eye drops
  • Basic toiletries
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