Update On President Donald Trump’s Impeachment Review:

In a new Tweet by MR Trump, Looks like he is Calling for his own Impeachment:

This is coming amidst the impeachment inquiry launched against the president by the US congress (democrats)

In a recent tweet by president Trump seems like he on his own is fuelling his impeachment process.

Trump stated in the recent tweet that more people are deligently working under his tenure than in the whole American history so far.

While taking a bite at Democrats,he states that records are tough for them to beat.. He ended the tweet by saying “impeach the Pres.”

However trump’s tweet appears to be a sarcastic response to the ongoing impeachment inquiry against him,

Meanwhile some people who responded to his tweet concluded that he is calling for his own impeachment.the question now is,how possible is it for a leader to call for his own impeachment….

Take a glance at some of the reactions below:

Meanwhile, the president’s achievement claims have also been described as misleading by some people who responded to the tweet.

Aaron Sojourner, a former member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said: “Talking about the number of Americans working is misleading. America has a larger population than ever before too. It’s better to consider the share of American adults employed.”

According to Pelosi, President Trump betrayed his oath of office and abused his own powers when he tried to involve a foreign president so as to win an election at home.

Going further, she added that Trump’s actions are dishonourable and that it betrayed the country’s national security and election integrity. RELATED POST: UPDATE ON TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY.

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