IPOB Condemns The Constant Killings Of Nigerian-Igbo Armies By The Highly Equipped Boko-haram:

The Indigenous people Of Biafra Reacts Over The Constant Killings Of Nigerian-Igbo Armies By Boko-haram:

The Indigenous people of Biafra In Diaspora have Totally Condemned the constant killings of their brothers in the Nigerian Army by the highly equipped Boko-haram:

In an article Published on Radio Biafra dated 16 October 2019 by Nwaeze Onyekachi and he says:

“The unabated gruesome killings of Nigeria soldiers at different fronts in the Northern part of Nigeria by the combined terrorists of Boko Haram insurgents and fighters of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is unfortunately alarming and shameful.

What really precipitated this spate of terrorism and for what purpose? There could be different answers to these but simply put, the primary motive behind this insurgency hinges on years of well orchestrated plot to wipe out Christians in the country of which Biafrans are the prime targets.

The jihad was activated as a means of completely installing sharia administrative system of government against every inhabitant.

There is absolutely no disputation that these Islamic terror groups came on stream through the instrumentality of some very powerful Islamists of the North, in their evil intent to forcefully take control of the affairs of Nigeria. It should be noted that Muslims the world over, are ardent practitioners of sharia laws and their primary agenda, is to conquer and dominate their so-called infidels (unbelievers). In Nigeria for instance, the Fulanis amongst others who are Islamists, do not pay allegiance to the Nigerian constitution but their Sharia legal system. And this forms the basis for their immediate release from police custody each time they get arrested.

Deploying soldiers especially Christians to the battle fronts to engage better equipped Islamic terrorists has been the greatest wickedness of the Nigerian government and it’s security commanders against humanity. Islamic fundamentalists of Fulani extraction, are in total control of the federal government as well as the security architecture, and so could not be strongly challenged for reversal. Virtually everybody especially the intelligentsia, human rights activists and politicians seem hypnotized and caged as majority of victims at battle fronts turn out to be Christian army combatants and officers. This policy of steady decimation of Biafrans serving in the Nigerian army under the guise of fighting Boko Haram terrorists and defending the fictitious territorial integrity of the country, is criminal, baseless and despicable. Christian soldiers are being mowed down in their numbers by these goveenment sponsored and pampered Islamic terrorists. This sinister agenda of ethnic cleansing is surreptitiously floated to drastically reduce the population of Biafrans.

Recent information credited to the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-General Tukur Yusuf Buratai regarding the up surge in deadly terror related campaigns by these Islamists, has clearly shown that Nigeria is irredeemable.

The stage is conducively set now for an unprecedented revolution that would be religiously induced. It is therefore only wise that all Christian (Biafran) parents to stop forthwith, allowing their children and wards enlisted in the Nigerian Air Force, Army, Navy, Police and other security related institutions in Nigeria, as they stand the risk of irreplaceable loss. Biafrans should desist from recruitments in whatever shape into the Nigerian security forces so that in the event of security challenges across Biafra territories, they can occupy in defense.

It is shamefully disappointing that Nigeria is fastidiously recruiting soldiers from Chad and Niger republics amongst others in the West African sub-region, in preparation for another round of war against Biafrans. Christians (Biafrans), as a matter of urgency, should seriously consider quiting the Nigerian military before it becomes belated.”

The group also maintains that Biafra restoration is sacrosanct and still their priority. ALSO READ: “WE ARE TIRED OF NIGERIA, WE WANT BIAFRA”

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