Bulgarian prime minister orders The impeachment of Their football chief over racist misconduct.

The prime minister of bulgaria has ordered for the immediate resignation of the bulgarian chief of football following a racist misconduct during the ongoing football..

“After yesterday’s shameful loss of the Bulgarian National Team and given the bad results of our football, I ordered to end any relationship with BFU, including financial, until the withdrawal of Borislav Mihaylov from the post.”

England forward Raheem Sterling tweeted to describe the call for Mihaylov to resign as a “good move”.as this will serve as a world example to others.

This happened during the football match between Bulgaria and England.. As the English players were blacked.. The racist abuse started minutes before the players were warming up for the match.
Bulgaria were sanctioned for racist behaviour during Euro 2020 qualifiers against Kosovo and the Czech Republic..and having be obliged to face the disciplinary committees.

The Anti-discriminatory body Fare has called for Bulgaria to be expelled from the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign.

“We think that after what happened, Uefa has it in their power to kick Bulgaria out of Euro 2020 qualification for sure,” said Fare Eastern Europe development officer Pavel Klymenko.

It has been noted that “There have been too many incidents, too much negligence from the Bulgarian FA. Uefa should make an example out of the Bulgarian FA and expel them from the competition.”

England defender Tyrone Mings, and also one of the players who was abused, said “the manager, the team and the supporting staff” came together to make the decision to play and he was “very proud” of the decision..

Meanwhile Striker “Harry Kane was with referee Ivan Bebek having a conversation while a stadium announcement was carried to condemn the ongoing act of racism and call the fans to order and let them know that a strict action can be carried out which includes putting an end to the game
Meanwhile at that same time, England manager Southgate was talking to a number of his players.

The game resumed but was stopped again just before half-time the players were in a conversation before the game restarted for the second time.

A group of Bulgaria supporters wearing black hooded tops – some wearing bandanas covering their faces – started to evacuate the stadium after the game was put on hold for a second time. BBC Radio 5 Live reported that some made racist gestures while heading towards the exits.

After six minutes of time added at the end of the first half because of the delay, Bulgaria captain Ivelin Popov was seen in a heated debate with a section of home supporters near the tunnel while the rest of the players headed for the dressing rooms for half-time.

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