APC: Adam’s oshomole may face “sack procedure”

It seems like the days as the national chairman of APC for Adams oshomole is coming to and end..

The chieftain of the party, in an interview stated that judging by the extent of the new plot labelled against Adams oshomole he may not last till January..

He declared that however the plots were presented few month ago,involving many others APC governors but Was later dropped… after the presidency interfered.

He said and I quote ” am sure you know why all the plots to discharge him were put on hold… I am also sure you are not among those wondering why the hostilities and antagonisms from many quarters against him died down…The Presidency had pleaded with every aggrieved person against Oshiomhole to drop their sword until after the presidential election Appeal Tribunal judgment.

“or else this may cause negative thoughts in the minds if so many,and it will portray the party to be incapable and unserious ..the Presidency also added the service of oshomole was needed and that his approach in handling things were paramount for the election appeal tribunal..

However the chieftain added that now that the appeal has been ruled in a favour of the party..oshomole is no longer needed and the procedure for discharging him has began with mostly the aggrieved governors leading the charge of the sack.

“There are overwhelming and strong evidences against him that can be used to nail him down and remove him and I can attest to you that Oshiomhole cannot last as the national chairman beyond January next year; that is if he survived December this year.he said:
We have had accomodated enough and he must leave before he kills the party…he is allowed to take the diplomatic option of resigning honourably, but if he fails..we assure you that he will be sacked dishonourably…

However, Simon Ebegbulem, spokesman for the the national chairman, dismissed the plot as mere speculation and fake rumour.

“I don’t understand why people are always interested in fake stories about plot against the national chairman. It is not today the speculation started by oppositions who wants to bring him down. Rumour that intervention by the Presidency saved him before the Presidential Election Appeal Tribunal ruling were part of wrong information they are feeding the media. We will see how events unfold when the time they gave comes and now that the tribunal has ruled. But I can assure you that nothing of such will happen.”

Only recently, Forum of APC Non-National Working Committee (NWC) and National Executive Committee (NEC) members accused the NWC of usurping the powers of NEC and failure to constitute Board of Trustees (BoT)/National Elders Council and to fill vacant positions existing in the party, warning that it will soon result in major crack in the already crisis-ridden ruling party.

“We use this time to call on all the key stakeholders to ensure that BoT/NEC, as the case maybe, is constituted within a reasonable time frame majorly to enhance our party Status and operation,” the Forum chairman, Nelson Alapa, noted in the communiqué.

This traced the earlier personal letters to Oshiomhole by both APC Deputy National Chairman, Senator Lawal Shuaibu and the Director-General, Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), Salihu Lukman, levelling all manners of allegations against the chairman, and calling for his immediate resignation.

The chapter chairmen of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) had equally issued ultimatum to the national party leadership and the Presidency over what they described as poor reward system.

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