Biafra: Coded military operation in Biafraland aimed to aid fulani terror herdsmen to acquire and consolidate forcibly taken farmlands:

October 12, 2019 | The Biafra Times:

We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) wish to advice the Fulani dominated military hierarchy in Nigeria led by Tukur Buratai that constant harassment and killing of innocent civilians in the East will not make up for their failure to deal with insurgency and terrorism ravaging the North where they come from. Any reasonable society would have noticed by now that these meaningless military exercises designed to torment civil society is a tactical diversion to cover up the failures of the Nigeria Army in tackling Fulani terrorism. The plan is to give the world the misleading impression that insecurity is affecting every part of Nigeria and Biafraland when that is not the case.

Announcing countless and meaningless military operations within the borders of Nigeria is indicative that this army headed by Buratai are cowards and instruments of suppression and intimidation. Civilised democratic countries set up their armies to fight external enemies and protect their borders but in Africa as with all developmentally backward parts of the world, national armies are being used to oppress the civilian population of which Nigeria is a prime example.

Buratai’s cowardly and incompetent army of occupation should be reminded that all they have succeeded in doing is turning the Nigerian military into a laughing stock because announcing exotically named military operation after military operation within a civilian space is making it appear more like a television drama series than a serious initiative. They should stop fooling themselves and reveal the motive behind these countless invasions of Biafraland which is to aid Fulani terror herdsmen to acquire and consolidate farmlands forcibly taken from non-Fulani communities in the south. The world must know that we are seriously engaging these band of terrorists in Ebonyi State where they continue to enjoy the protection and help from their fellow Fulani terrorists in uniform in their quest to Islamise Ebonyi State and wider Biafra with the help of the state governor Dave Umahi.

Not long ago, earlier this year, Operation Python Dance 3 was launched by this same bumbling and roundly incompetent Buratai, which ended up accomplishing nothing in terms of their stated aim of eradicating IPOB using military force. All they succeeded in achieving is raping of young women, extortion and mindless thuggery against defenceless citizens. It has now been firmly established that the Nigeria government and her security forces especially the murderous Fulani soldiers in Nigerian Army uniform cleverly designed these never-ending episodes of military action against innocent civilians to ensure they continue the elimination of Biafran youths with the blessing of South East governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo. This is the intention behind this ongoing Operation Python Dance 4 and Operation Crocodile Smile in Biafraland… YOU MAY HAVE MISSED: IPOB DEMANDS THE IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF FREEDOM FIGHTERS IN THE POLICE CUSTODY:


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