The White House has refused to co-operate with the impeachment query against The President:

The White House has refused to co-operate with the impeachment query against President Donald Trump.

A letter sent to Democratic leaders rejected it as “baseless” and “constitutionally invalid”.

Three Democratic-led House committees are investigating Mr Trump.

The query is trying to find out if the president held back aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into Joe Biden, who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The White House letter arrived hours after the Trump administration obstructed the US ambassador to the European Union Gordon sonland from appearing before a congressional impeachment investigation.

The white House says there is absolutely nothing wrong with pressuring a foreign government to intervene in a US election,” he wrote in a tweet.

“We will not cooperate with an impeachment inquiry unless it’s on their terms.

They are trying to say : the President is above the law. The Constitution says otherwise.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to the letter Tuesday, accusing the president of “trying to make lawlessness a serious virtue.”

“This letter is manifestly wrong, and is simply another unlawful attempt to hide the facts of the Trump Administration’s brazen efforts to pressure foreign powers to intervene in the 2020 elections,” Pelosi wrote.

“Despite the White House’s stonewalling, we see a growing body of evidence that shows that President Trump abused his office and violated his oath to ‘protect, preserve and defend the Constitution.'”

Pelosi warned that Trump was not above the law and that continued efforts to hide Trump’s abuse of power would be “regarded as further evidence of obstruction.”

The White House argued that in order for the Democrats to make their query valid the House would have to take a number of steps, including holding a full vote to beginning impeachment proceedings,

allowing Republicans to issue subpoenas and granting the White House the ability to cross-examine witnesses and have access to evidence.

But even if the House took those actions, it is blur whether the White House would then agree to cooperate, said a senior administration official.

“We are avoiding saying there is no way we would ever cooperate,” the official said. “What we have done is explain the flaws under the current circumstances.


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