The Real:

The Real; A Poem By Karen Sila:

English Literature is what I was prepared to study,
Sociology, History & Philosophy no, they just stretch my energy,
Anyway they come with the package, no exchanges.

Critical and creative thinking,
Neither English nor Literature but paints a lovely picture.
Critical and creative response depends on a critical and creative thought.
Skip the definition, move on to a section.

Fallacy, this I must define,
Simply put error in reasoning,
Daily we live out these fallacies.

The famous, “Let me make a phone call.” Then suddenly orders from above are given, that’s a fallacy.
Stereotyping is a fallacy,
Shouting Amen to his name was Peter, a hilarious fallacy.
Asking a child why she ate sugar, another fallacy.

If reason informs reality or fallacy, then what is Faith?
To I a reality.
Believing yet not seeing,
Dying but still living.
Just to know, “Thus says the Lord.”

God calls us to reason together, thus let us reason.
He is the First & Last, better His storyline than yours,
His love drives out fear, never death by the axe or unsolved murders,
The apple of His eye His chosen, more than a father.

Men I will question, Him I dare not offer suggestion,
Men create fallacies, He builds realities.
Meditate ponder concentrate, on the real.

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