Thoughts: A Poem By Keka Timothy:

To what do you feed your mind?
If x-rayed, what would you find?
Positive vibes that are kind?
Or negativity and its cohorts that bind?

Words stem from thoughts,
What are you thinking?
Actions spring up from words,
What are you saying?

Habits are products of actions,
What do you do daily?
Character is the summation of habits,
What is your attitude?

Your life would not get straightened out until your mind does,
Cos it is the entrance to your life; the doors,
Letting in tiny flashes of vision called thoughts,
Obtained from things you know not and things you’ve been taught.

Just like bricks layering up to a building,
Thought is a creative power; building life,
Be aware that they are like seeds,
That will someday bloom and bear.

Guard your heart; for out of it proceeds the issues of life,
What you meditate on could become a knife;
Slaughtering your every hope in its captivity,
Or a wind fanning your dreams into reality.

Not every thought is yours to keep,
Some are hideous and makes the heart skip,
Some are wild, fun and laced with ecstasy,
Yet some are pure; devoid of fantasy.

Thoughts are the seedlings of circumstance,
Choose your thoughts directly,
And so change your circumstances indirectly,
Even the body responds to thought.

Decide what you think,
Think what you decide,
It becomes better when you think likewise,
And worse when you think otherwise.


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2 thoughts on “Thoughts: A Poem By Keka Timothy:

  1. What good advice you leave us here dear friend.
    Nothing better than being positive and creator of good ideas and beautiful thoughts.
    I really like your blog.

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