Governor David Umahi Apprises Against Blocking His Convoy:

Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State has command the instant arrest,accusation and imprisonment of all those involved in a recent road block in opposition to his convoy.

It was stated that Governor’s convoy was blocked along Onicha Road, in Onicha Local Government Area of the State while on his way back to the State capital from his Uburu, Ohaozara home on Friday night.
The road block was reported to have been ascend by a group of people observing a wake-keep continuation to a burial ceremony in the area.

He claimed that the offenders made away with a gun belonging to an Army Officer and conveyed worry over what they could have done if it had been an ordinary victim that experienced the situation.

Governor Umahi ban on holding wake-keeps and such kind of ceremonies beyond 10pm across the State.
Governor assign his security aides to ensure that all the offenders were identified and brought for prosecution and possible imprisonment.

“Of course I had to stop over at the College to examine projects, but when we got to Onicha, they blocked the way.

“So the Chairman of the Local Government, the House of Assembly members and coordinators, they are working on it and the SSA on Security: they are all there to solve the issue.
“But I say, all of them will go to prison.
“My problem is not that they blocked the Governor, but my worry is assuming that it was a smaller person that was on the way,who had no security with them they would have robbed the person.

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