“We Are Tired Of Nigeria , We Want Biafra” — Obigbo L.G.A 3 IPOB Women:

Radio Biafra

Obigbo L.G.A 3 women of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, has reaffirmed their determination to restore Biafra’s sovereignty.

The women who stormed the Portharcourt-Aba Expressway, on Thursday, rallied with Biafra flags and placards.

The placards reads: “We want Biafra”, “Stop killing us”, etc.

Speaking to Family Writers Press, the Obigbo women coordinator, Ms. Chikezie M. Nkeiruka, said the women had decided to take charge of rally and protest because the Nigerian government has killed men a lot.

“They killed our sons and our husbands so much, so we decided to take charge. Let the Nigerian army come and kill we the women so that the whole world will see how wicked they are.”

She also noted that the Nigerian government decided to impoverish the people of the old eastern region because they expose and oppose the evil and injustice in the country.

“Our people are suffering; there are no jobs, no good roads in BiafraLand. We have abundant mineral resources, yet we are suffering because they siphon them to North.

“We are fed up with Nigeria, we want Biafra and we will not stop until we restore the sovereignty of Biafra,” she said.

Maxwell Chuks
report for Family Writers Press

Image source: Radio Biafra

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