Breaking! IPOB Inaugurates Butchery Family Unit In Ogbete Market, Enugu:

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Ogbete main market stands out as one of the most densely populated areas within the Enugu metropolitan city.

This particular area steadily commands beehive of business activities,

thereby classifying it as the major trading center in Enugu.

Hundreds of thousands of Biafrans converge here on daily basis to transact various legitimate business activities.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in it’s wisdom, viewed it advantageous by cashing in to establish a formidable family unlike what obtains in other major market locations in Biafraland like Onitsha main market in Anambra State and Ariaria main market Aba in Abia State respectively, amongst others.

Way back in the year 2015, IPOB registered it’s presence therein with five standing family units known as Ogbete zone.

On Thursday 3rd October 2019, the IPOB Local Government Principal Officers, the Senatorial Coordinator and the Enugu State Chief Mobilization Officer were readily on hand for the inauguration of the additional Butchery Family Unit.

This is strategically located because most of the membership is drawn from the meat sellers (butchers), themselves.

This newly inaugurated unit shares common boundary with Akwata family units in the same market.

Mazi Abraham Nnamene who serves as the patron to the Akwata units, courageously mobilized the newly inaugurated Butchery unit due to his commanding influence within the Ogbete Butchers Association.

He was automatically appointed as the new family unit mobilizer as an empowerment to populate the various units located in the market.

The mobilization work entails reaching out to people, creating and establishing more IPOB family units and zones and to these tasks, the Enugu Mobilization Department has been really exceptional.

The inauguration exercise was successfully carried out with the expectation that additional units will soon be emerging within the Ogbete main market.

Egwuatu Chukz
Reporting for Family Writers Press International

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