Hausa Woman Denied Nigeria; Declared Herself Biafran:

Hausa Woman Denied Nigeria; Declared Herself Biafran:

One of the notable Nigerian activist known as Aisha Yesufu from Kano State Nigeria, has declared herself a Biafran following the recent arrest and detention of a man (Chido Onumah)
wearing a T-shirt written; We are all Biafrans”
She arrives at the decision after describing how people are being subjected to slavery, hardship and suffering in Nigeria by the ruling class.

Aisha expressed her dismay over the arrest. And she said;

“DSS picked up a man at the Airport apparently because He was wearing a T-shirt, that says, we are all Biafrans.
So, DSS that supposed to be an intelligent gathering Organization protecting Nigeria arrested a man that wrote a book” We are all Biafrans” that even the vise President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo was there at the book launch?

Is it the same DSS that will help us gather enough intelligence to arrest Sheikau, curb Boko Haram, and Kidnappers?

We are in trouble in this Country!
What we have is not an intelligence gathering DSS rather we have Political DSS that is been used to intimidate citizens.
If this is an intimidation tactics, it won’t work! Never!
Our voices can never be short down.

We will continue to call out his government that have failed in every ramifications.

We will continue to call out this government that have not been accountable, transparent and has never given good governance.
And by arresting people you can’t short down our voices
And may I remind you My Name is Aisha Yusuf. I’m a Biafran. We are all Biafran, we are not leaving in our country right now. We are merely surviving and we deserve a better life”

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4 thoughts on “Hausa Woman Denied Nigeria; Declared Herself Biafran:

  1. NIGERIA is a failed entity no sane human being will accept been a NIGERIA at this point . For me am a BIAFRA by Blood and an IPOB member no going back from the freedom of BIAFRA .

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