PART 4-14 “TEACHER CHUKS” by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

I was a tap that never got dry, “ALWAYS RUNNING” was the name girls gave me in the university.

I left Laraba at home in the north with my parents when I gained admission, but the seed she had planted in me was there…. At the university,

I had my freedom…Girls were literally begging me to have sex with them. It seem for every girl I made out with, she would tell 10 other ladies like her about me…

Another nickname I was given was “SECOND TOUCH”…Girls were never satisfied after my first Sex with them, they were always asking for a second touch…My time in the University was like heaven on earth for me… I never lacked anything,

it got to a point that girls were paying me to sleep with them.

I was technically a male Prostitute.I drove girls nuts. Thanks to SEXRUSH in me, SEXRUSH made me appealing to all the girls and I was even told by girls that when they were around me, they were always instantly wet even without me touching them…

That was how powerful and influencing SEXRUSH was…I didn’t have a girlfriend, because I didn’t need one…but I had my eyes on one girl, her name was Favour.

We were in the same department, she was the only girl who didn’t care who I was…She was one of those Prim and proper girls. For the first two years,

we spent in the university, she never said Hi to me and neither did I, because of my sex popularity, girls were the ones who said Hi, to me.

Anytime I moved close to where she was, she would instantly move away…It was when we were in our 300 level, I decided to swallow my pride to speak to her….As she saw me approaching, she took to her heels, but this time around I was not planning on letting her go easily.

I ran after her and held her by the wrist. She gave me the deadliest stare ever seen as she removed her hand from mine like my hands were burning her…

“Hey, what’s up, I know you like me, so I don’t know why you have been proving hard to get for the past three years? I know when a girl likes me”… I said with my seductive voice and gave her my iconic raising of my eyebrows and curved lips…

Girls usually fell when I did that, but instead Favour looked me straight in the eye and said…“ I don’t like garbage ,

it stinks… if only your eyes could be opened to see how much of it you carry around, you will run away from yourself, just like I do” Favour walked away from me closing her nose like I was indeed smelling….

That was the only and last time we ever spoke during our university days, but her words never left me… It was always haunting me. Was I really Smelling?**I continued my sexual escapades daily like there was no tomorrow, Quite Surprisingly and thankfully then, No girl ever got pregnant for me…so I was safe….I graduated with a Second class Upper. Like I stated initially, I was very brilliant.

I was posted to Ondo state for my National Youth Service (A year Compulsory yet volunteer program of all university graduates to serve their nation: it was compulsory in the sense that, if you wanted to get into public office in the future, you would be asked to tender your Certificate of participation,

but it was also voluntary in the sense that you could choose to do it or not).After the Orientation program, I was posted to a female secondary school as the Fine Art teacher for a year.

That was another land of devouring young girls. I became a full bloom pedophile.

My best spot was under a banana tree that was close to the fence of the school which was far away from the school buildings….As the FINE ART teacher,

I would tell other teachers I was taking them to the bush where they could get inspiration from nature….and since they were in groups of five and six, no one suspected any foul play.

I had a particular group of 6 girls between the ages of 14-15 who were sexually active, they would all take turns with me under the Banana tree…little did I know these girls were part of a squad I later found out was called THE RAIDERS….I was popularly called “Teacher Chuk Chuk” a slang which meant I loved to penetrate into girls, but the teachers didn’t read much meaning to it as my name was Chuks. They thought the students were calling me “Teacher Chuks Chuks”.

However, the same school was were Favour, the Prim and Proper girl had been posted, we never spoke on personal basis except official matters.

On the last day of our National Youth service program, as she walked past me, Favour turned back and threw another bombshell at me…To be continued.

By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

On the last day of our National Youth service, as Favour walked past me, she turned back and threw another bombshell at me…

“Before, they were just about 100, but you have recently added 50 to them,

I hope by the time they get to 1000 and you are finished, you will realize how much you have weighed yourself down, I would have loved to say “Bye, see you at the top” because of the potential you carry, but I am afraid, there is no top for you talk less of seeing you at the top…,

Have a regretful and empty life ahead”
Favour said as she walked away, I didn’t understand a bit of what she had said… Who are the 100? Who are the 50?

I shook my head and concluded Favour was probably a sadist and a Man hater but she was right about something. What?
I never saw the top for complete 5 years after my Youth Service, I couldn’t secure any job
for a long time.

It was always one issue or the other, I had the looks, swag and sexual appeal to please any panel or employee, but the best time I spent on a job was two months…. My employees usually got tired of me.

It felt like I had a stench around me.

When my employees sighted me, they got agitated.

Also at this point, it felt like I was losing my sexual appeal on women my age.

Only older women, married, divorced, separated
women were the ones always on the lookout for me…
When I noticed this, I decided to stop working and I started living on women…I did this for
about 2 years before one of the married women got pregnant for me…I was not in need of a child, she settled me big time and I thought I was settled for life…By this time I was just 25.

She gave me a lot of cash but till date I can’t explain how I lost all that money..

I spent another 3 years sexing anything I came across, until the beginning of the 5th year at the age of 28, when I took stock of my life and realized I had nothing….
I became a fine boy poor guy, I looked fly on the outside but nothing in my pockets. At this point, my sexual appeal to ladies was probably on a 0%.

My clothes started fading off, even though I tried ironing them… I couldn’t use my strong colognes again, I started using cheaply made body sprays, I couldn’t afford toothpaste,

I started using chewing stick… I drank cassava grits (popularly called Garri) two times in a day…

I was living in a room apartment that had little or nothing in it…
I was down to nothing! I decided to help myself as shame wouldn’t let me call my parents for help.

At this point, they had come to know my true colors and they were not proud to associate with me…Although I wished they had forgiven me and drew me closer, Maybe With no one to help and since Sex wasn’t working any more to put food on my table , I decided to go diabolical and just like you know the norm, I was told to bring something from a girl’s body after copulating with her.

I was told it could be the hair from her private part or from her armpit or from her head or
better still any of her underwear.

This was after the Herbalist told me there was nothing in my body that could be used.

He said my manhood could not be used either, I didn’t understand what he meant by that until I met Her. Her name was Chinaza…

To be continued.

PART 6“TEACHER CHUKS” By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde:

I met Chinaza at a bar. I had been scouting for the right prey for the money ritual. I was told I must look for a lady with potentials, one who had a colorful glory and destiny. I was told the best way to identify a lady who had that, was to look for a young rich lady. With that in mind, I started visiting top bars in search of a young rich lady…. I had seen a lot of girls but most of them were prostitutes. I knew these ones would probably have been used for rituals, but one day turned out to be my lucky day….I was seated in the bar when Chinaza walked in, she was decently dressed, she asked the bar guy for something “Light”… I observed her for over 15 minutes, as different guys approached her, she gave them a wave indicating she was not interested. When she was through with her drink, she stood up to leave. I stood up almost immediately, unbuttonedmy first button to reveal my hairy chest…She noticed me as I stood up but continued her walk unflinchingly towards her car.“I don’t need to see the chest, in fact I don’t like hairy men” She said smiling without looking back as I trailed her“I can shave it off if you don’t like it…” I said with my Casanova voice“You can shave your hair off, just for a night?” She asked“I can do anything for the good reasons” I said seductively. She turned for the first time and looked me in the eye…“Anything?”“Anything!” I answered as I gave her a seductive licking of my lips that had always turned girls on. She looked at me from head to toe and particularly rested her eyes on my manhood as if to check its size. I also rested my body on one leg to push out the effect of my manhood for her assessment…“Good… Get in” She said instructing me to get in to her Porsche…I was so excited I had seen my prey….We got into this beautiful suite she had paid for… it was a top notch hotel suite, if not that I needed to use this lady as a ritual material, I would have loved to keep her….These were the kind of girls who spent heavily on men… Still lost in my thought, I was seriously taken aback when I turned and set my eyes on her VERY curvaceous body. She wasn’t one of those slim caricature ladies, she was full if you know what I mean…Before I knew what was happening, I forgot my original mission and my ERECTION started giving me DIRECTION….I must have done six powerful rounds, because I remember collapsing into the bed after the sixth time very exhausted….**The ray of light coming into the room woke me at about 10 am… I turned to see if my money ritual prey was still on the bed, so I could shave a part of her hair, but she was gone….Instead, I saw a piece a paper and some hair…“You needed some part of my hair, I have cut some from my private part, armpit and the one on my head for you…. Don’t get it twisted, I am NOT a witch, I am something better…You are free to use my hair but please note, I am not an easy prey…If you need help, call my number +234 803245…. Your heart will tell you the missing numbers, because I already have it controlled by me…” ChinazaI was literally shaking, I heard the remaining digits of her phone number in my heart, I moved away from her hair …Who was this lady? I must have slept with the devil….With Shaky hands …I dialed her number….To be continued

By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Chinaza became the boss and my controller, how?
As I heard the remaining digits in my heart in the hotel room, I dialed her number as she had instructed in her note. Fear couldn’t make me put the phone close to my ear, rather I opted for Speaker instead… I heard her domineering voice…
“Hello, Anthony Chukwuemeka, First son of Nonso and Chiamaka Anthony. How may I
help you?”
I instantly couldn’t find my voice any more as I was paralyzed with fear as to how she knew my parents’ name and my full name. My heart was pounding and racing a million times per second, I felt like a heavy stone had been placed on it….
“I don’t have all the time in the world, are you ready to say something or should I help you say it, because I can tell you exactly the words in your heart… You were about to say “You asked me to call you ma!” She mimicked my voice
She was so right, those were the words in my heart…
“Well, Chuks, What is your decision? Do you still want to use me for your money rituals
or you want me to help you?”
“None of the above!” Was what I said in my heart, I couldn’t say a word, fear had paralyzed my sense of speech…, but Chinaza had heard me, because she said…?
“You can’t say none of the above, nobody sleeps with me and goes back the same way, it’s either you become a prey or you become a slave, so what do you want to be?”
I didn’t know what she meant by being a prey, but I knew it wasn’t going to be something nice. I decided to pick the second option…but before I could say my choice, I heard her say…
“Nice choice you have made, if you had picked being my prey, you would have died instantly, so let’s have a friendship date. Hang up now, and follow my voice which you will hear in your heart. It will lead you to where I am…”
I couldn’t hang up, I was too scared to touch the phone… I started crying as all the words my mother told me about the devil started making sense… If this lady was not the devil and was just probably one of the staff members of the devil’s industry… and her voice
alone had me shaking. I was wondering what life in hell with the devil would be like….
“Don’t think too far… All that is not important now, think about now…” Chinaza said as she
apparently had read my mind again…
That moment I think I understood what she meant by being her slave. At that moment, I felt I should have picked the first option to die and know I was going straight to rot in hell.
Then she shouted like a LIONESS
“I said Hang up and come to me right now…”
I punched the end button…
Immediately I thought of running back to my parents and I heard loudly in my heart
“You dare not, you have 20 Seconds to leave that room now and your time starts now, 1,
2, 3…”
I wore my pants in a hurry, I picked up my shirt, shoe, belt and bolted out of the room.
The hotel staff all looked at me like something was wrong. They asked the security to keep me as they went to check the room if everything was fine.
As I was released to take my leave and I stepped out of the hotel, I heard her voice again…
“Take a public bus to Ijaniki” and almost immediately a bus stopped in front of me… I entered into the bus….
A young lady sat close to me. At this point, all my sense of Sex appeal was gone, Fear was what was dominating me…so it came to me as a shock when I heard her voice…
“ I want you to make the lady beside you horny, put in your hand in your trouser and self-excite yourself and make sure she sees you doing it”…
I WAS FINISHED… Was this not broad day display of madness? To masturbate in a
public bus in order to make this teenage girl become horny….
I told myself I was not going to do it, but almost simultaneously I felt an invisible string around my neck choking me….I knew I had to do what she had commanded… What was
she going to gain in me making a girl of about 17-18 years old horny in a public bus…? It was later I got to know why!
At that point, I did as I was commanded, and although I was the one seducing the girl, I was silently hoping she would overcome the temptation and alight from the bus, but she was enjoying it…. I could hear her moaning silently beside me and adjusting herself making sure she was having body contact with me… My heart was full with regret but I couldn’t help it….
After about 15 minutes of being controlled by Chinaza against the poor girl in the bus, She directed me to alight. I got down and surprisingly the girl followed me…
As I stood waiting for the next direction and wondering why the young girl was standing beside me, a dark tinted SUV parked In front of us and to my utmost shock, the driver said
“Mr. Anthony Chuks, please step into the Jeep and bring in your prey as well”
Oh My God! Prey? The girl had become a prey… And just like the way a male dog follows after a female dog, the poor 18 year old girl followed me into the Jeep….
The driver locked the door and started driving… I didn’t know where we were going but I knew I was going on a wrong journey…..
If only I knew I was been driven to the Land of NO CONSCIENCE with a poor innocent girl who couldn’t say no to temptation… I was wondering if the definition of her being a
prey meant she was going to be killed.

To be continued

PART 8 “TEACHER CHUKS” BY Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde:

The driver was blasting one of these erotic hip hop songs in the SUV, and this was not helping matters at all, because the teenage girl was all over me begging me to continue what we started.I tried removing her hands from my body and somewhere in my heart, I felt I could hear Chinaza’s laughter of mockery. Also, anytime I looked into the car’s inner mirror, I could see the driver’s mischievous smile. We drove for over 30 minutes in the busy metropolis of Lagos.Finally, we got to a popular Company that services the female gender. They were manufacturers of Female Under wears, bags, shoes, clothing, and Hair extensions etc. It was a popular brand.A car was right in front of us at the gate, the driver was given a blue pass before the gatewas opened for him.Our driver hooted like an owl and the security man gave him a Black pass instead while opening the gate for him, he also threw him a salute as well.I watched as the driver drove past the main office complex and drove for about 2 minutes to a big warehouse at the extreme end of the compound.The driver alighted and asked me to alight with the Prey. I was about to ask questions when I heard Chinaza’s voice loud and clear in my heart…“ No questions, he is not wired to answer questions”I watched as the driver walked to the entrance of the warehouse and placed his thumb on the sensor of the Security door….The door opened on its own accord.The door opened me up into a new world, I saw men and women in Grey patterned uniform. It was an office setting with people working on their specially designed Computer System. I had to ask myself if I was in a dream, but Chinaza answered again in my heart…“No this is not a dream, in fact this place is more real than where you are coming from”The driver was walking towards a beautiful receptionist. Her space was like a hotel reception with different keys on the wall. She had a beautiful dark shades on, which she later removed after addressing the driver.“Welcome, 0042, Thanks for bringing in Mr. Anthony Chuks and Miss Kikelomo Smith. You may return to your quarters”.She handed him a key…The driver left us… The beautiful receptionist also had a number on her uniform 000234. I was wondering what was happening as I watched the lady looking intently at the teenager like she was accessing us…All the while, the teenage girl seem to be in another world holding on to me tightly.Finally, she said something…”From my evaluation, Fortunately Mr. Chuks, you are the Proposed Agent, while Kikelomo is your first prey. Congratulations…. You can have your Welcome pack…”She handed over a black envelope and she pressed a button which was a public address system button…“New Agent and New prey arrived”I was so sure this was a dream, I knew I must have had too much alcohol at the bar the previous night before I met Chinaza. I knew this wasn’t real…Chinaza wasn’t real, everything wasn’t real. I was hoping my Landlord would bang my door for his rent and Iwould wake up from this absurd dream…“This doesn’t happen in real life, this happens in movies” I was telling myself as I shut my eyes tightly hoping I would wake up…Yes! I did wake up, when a hand tapped me on the shoulder…I smiled telling myself someone was finally waking me up. I opened my eyes to the shocking reality that everything was real. A man who also had a number on his White Shirt with Grey Shorts, was the one tapping me“Please follow me“ he said with a smile…I looked back and noticed the girl, Kikelomo had been separated from me and was taken to the opposite direction…. I wondered what they were going to do to her, but I decided to focus on my life and survival in the strange place.I kept following the man, and we got to another Iron security door. He also placed his thumb on the sensor and the door opened….What I saw next was shocking…This was indeed another world hidden in the busy center of Lagos which was cleverly fronted as a popular manufacturing company.As I stepped into this world, I knew my life was in for more than I bargained… Love for Sex had opened me up to more than what met the eye…I saw a line of small cubicles, a transparent room made with thin glass. Each room had its mattress, table and chair, Fridge, TV screen. It was beautiful but there was no other word to describe the place as a beautiful PRISON. I saw people in the cubicles with numbers on a different type of uniform… Men, women, teenagers, Youths…were all there…Where was this place and who were these people? And what was I doing here…? Was this place really in this city, in Nigeria, in Africa?For the first time, I desperately wanted to hear Chinaza telling me the answers to my questions but she failed me this time…To be continued

By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I walked in cautiously following the man who had come to pick me from the reception. I
noticed the different inmates looking at me with no clear expression on their faces…
“God, Where is the place?” I was silently asking God in my heart…
I was taken to an unoccupied cell with the number 00499.
“You have to change into those” he was pointing at a uniform neatly folded on the bed
and he stood waiting for me to undress so as to collect my cloth…
I looked around, and saw the number of eyes looking at me, how was I to undress in front
of everyone…?
“It’s not a big deal, your body doesn’t belong to you anymore, It was the lack of the respect
for your body that brought you here in the first place”… the man said…
“Oh! So meaning everyone here had been captured through Sex?” I said in my heart…
I started undressing as I saw the impatient look in the eyes of the man.

Suddenly, the cell door opened on its own, likewise every other person’s cell door opened
I thought we had been released, the past three hours I had spent in the transparent cell
had been hell… I felt choked, though the air conditioning unit was working perfectly. I felt
like breaking the glass… I had not seen Chinaza and I didn’t know what was happening
in this place… I tried reading some of the books they had left on the cell table, but they
were disgusting books and novels. They all had high pornographic content in them…
It was therefore with great relief I received the opening of the door of the cell… I rushed
out of the cell, but I was surprised the excitement I felt was not general; as the other
inmates got out of their cell casually carrying some notebooks and pen….
“Don’t be too excited, it’s just lecture time” A female inmate said to me
At least someone was talking to me, as the others were walking like zombies…I rushed
to her side
“Lecture time? Please what is happening here and where are we for goodness sake” I asked her.
“You will find out soon bro…” A male inmate answered from behind….
“We all came in like you too, very ignorant but now we know way too much…” Another
inmate said….
And we all kept walking till we got to door of a room with the Tag “LECTURE HALL”. One
of the staff of the absurd place said to me…
“Welcome 00499… I hope you don’t end up like the last man who wore that uniform” he
said with a mischievous smile…
The female inmate who had spoken to me earlier helped my ignorance by supplying me
better understanding of what the man was saying…
“The last man who wore your uniform died, he suddenly began to revolt quoting scriptures
and calling MISS Chinaza a devil and right before our very eyes he was slaughtered”
“Yes, I hope you don’t get on her nerves…, so my best advice, Lay low, Follow the rules
and be smart…” She went to her chair which had her number on it…I looked for my number
and found it… Fear gripped my heart knowing the last person who sat on the chair had
been slaughtered…
“Do you mind having your seat, Mr. Chuks” I raised my head in fear at Chinaza’s voice….
“Yes ma’am” At this point using “Ma’am” for her was no big deal because she earned it.
She was the one controlling everyone and everything in this absurd place…
I immediately sat down…
“Good Afternoon Soldiers, as you can see we have new soldiers here, 00499, 00444,
000985, 00675. We welcome you. Before we go into today’s topic, I will like to answer the
questions in the heart of the new soldiers, you know I can read all your minds” Chinaza
said ending her line with a dry laughter…
“00875, can you tell the new soldiers who we are and what you all are doing here” Chinaza
said pointing to a teenage girl, who was also an inmate…
“Yes ma’am… We are at the Sperm Sales headquarters in Africa and we soldiers are
undergoing a training and orientation program on how to become Sperm collecting
I felt and heard my heart drop…SPERM COLLECTING AGENTS?
“Our work is to collect sperm from men and boys from all ages through the act of sexual
immorality through Sex before marriage or outside marriage. For each 10ml of sperm
collected from our victims, our accounts will get credited and we will be richer”
“And what happens to the owner of the sperm? Do they die?” I asked before knowing my
mouth had opened on its own accord…
Everywhere was silent, apparently Inmates were not meant to ask questions as all eyes
turned towards me….
Instead of getting an answer, I saw Chinaza walking towards me, every step she took
sounded like the fall of a rock… I guess I was about to be slaughtered…
“00499, you don’t ever interrupt my class, but for the sake of teaching others a very
important lesson through you, I will answer your question”
She said staring deeply into my eyes as she grabbed me in that place that hurts most and
she said…
“When we collect Sperm from men, we don’t kill them except for rare cases, rather we
drain them and make them lose quality like you…00499, do you know your Sperm count
as we speak?” She asked me
I shook my head in the negative groaning in pain….
“ You are on a 2% value, you have been drained several times by our Drainers and that
explains why your life lacks QUALITY…, so for interrupting my class with your question,
you get to be punished, I will have 1% of your sperm count drained, meaning you will be
left with 1% which worsens your already bad case….00499 Did you know that based on
all your sexual escapades, you had lost the ability to father a child or why do you think
your herbalist couldn’t use anything from your body for your money ritual?
So to answer your question through you, I will have you drained and that means you may
never be able to have kids of your own. Also without you working for me as a paid Sperm
collector, your hands may never touch riches for the rest of your life….”
Chinaza released me from the agony she had physically put me into and walked away, I
was about apologizing when the first girl that spoke to me initially, cautioned me from
speaking by putting her finger over her lips….
“Get me three Drainers to drain him” Chinaza said with an authoritative voice. One of the
staff went out and brought back three 3 VERY beautiful girls that looked like goddesses.
I became the example for the class lecture…“Today, I will teaching you on two categories of Agents you may fall into, first, we have
the DRAINERS just as you will see the experimentation today, We also have “SLAYERS”.
We will discuss other categories in the next lecture…So who are the DRAINERS?
I couldn’t pay attention to her lecture anymore as the Drainers that had been assigned to
me made me know what it meant… I was really DRAINED…
The girls literally raped me in front of everyone, I tried not to get excited so as to stop my
Sperm from coming out , but I failed and for the first time in my life of having sex in my
life, I wept as I was releasing another 1% of my sperm… I never knew it was this
I knew who the Drainers were, they were the girls who freely gave you their bodies for
free, they were the casual sex workers… Some of them were actually working for the
But the next question on my mind I didn’t have the bravery to ask was “What was Chinaza
using the sperm for?”
I knew I would get my answer….I watched as the 3 Drainers stood up casually from me
and went out… I instantly felt empty….

To be continued…..

PART 10 “TEACHER CHUKS” By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde:

I entered into my cell exhausted after being drained. I laid on the prisoner’s single bed that had been provided for us. The small bed suddenly became too big and I felt so small and fragile.My conscience decided to haunt me, as I began to remember my teenage years.I remembered Uncle Paul, our teenage teacher in church. I remembered how Uncle Paul would literally be pleading to us during church service to flee from fornication, his popular saying was:“Sex outside God’s approved plan is a subtraction tool from the devil. Sex outside God subtracts from man”We never took him serious, rather we made jest of his words by using the word subtraction during our jokes…Anytime we were going to get down with girls, we would jokingly say…“I am about to go get subtracted”.Or“I am going for some subtraction with some multiplication and some additions” …It was a joke to hide our real motives from people“Now, I know it is real, I have actually been subtracted from. Chinaza had said I only have 1% value left in me…” I thought silently in my heart as I laid down defeated on the bed…A bell sounded… I jumped up from the bed in surprise… I didn’t know what to expect….The cell doors opened again but this time around, we were served Dinner by 6pm.The Dinner was served to me by a Lady in White and Grey uniform, as she dropped the food, she looked me straight in the eye and looked down at a paper she had hideously kept under the plate. I nodded understanding she wanted me to read it…After she left, I picked up my food and with great wisdom, I read the little note which read“Don’t compromise, don’t be afraid of she who cannot save but can only destroy. Fear God, because He is the only one who can save you…” Tina Who was this lady? Preaching in this kind of place and she had not been slaughtered by Chinaza…I decided not to think too much about the lady before Chinaza read my mind.**The next day, we were taught about the SLAYERS, We were made to understand that the Slayers were the Sex Assassins, who infected people with sexually transmitted diseases, Spiritual attacks and demonic attacks all aimed at killing the victim within a short time or long time .Lunch was to be eaten in a common dining room. We all queued up to have our meal. When it got to my turn I saw the Tina girl again she served me my food and she gave me a smile I returned.I walked to an empty table but was later joined by 3 other young men….“Hi,” One of them greeted me and I replied…“I am sure you want to kill her too?” He said referring to Chinaza…“Who doesn’t?” I repliedThe three guys exchanged knowing looks like they had a plan and I seemed like someone who could join them…“What sup, you guys are planning something?” I asked them. They exchanged looks again, the guy to my left gave a nod…“If you notice, all the guards here don’t use guns, so why should we be afraid of them? The POWER House here is Chinaza. Our plan is to gather a lot of like-minded people in this place and whenever Chinaza is not around, we strike all of them down except Tina… “Tina?” Who was that? Oh! The girl who brought me the paper! “Why?” I asked as I wanted to know more about her…“We heard she is Chinaza’s sister who was brought in as a prey by one of the agents unknowing to him that she was Chinaza’s sister. Chinaza however cannot kill her sister, because she is a born again Christian… I hear she spits fire…”“But why is she still here? God should have delivered her” I asked“Chinaza doesn’t let anyone out of these doors unless you have signed a pact with her in blood, that way she knows you can’t betray her”“So I guess Tina refused to do that?” I asked…“ Yes, preys that cannot be slaughtered by Chinaza becomes domestic slaves here” the guy said, but immediately he finished his statement he started choking on his food, it feltlike someone was choking him and just like in the movies, Chinaza surfaced in front us with her hands around his neck. We all jumped from the table…She made sure the poor guy died before she let go of him….“ I allowed him have his full time of explaining what does not concern him and to let you know that for me not to be merciful to my sister, I don’t care about anybody.. Lunch is over….and based on what has happened today, I have a change of mind, I am releasing you all in the next three days, so you have to tender your proposals on how you intend to bring in your sperm collection on a daily basis…Note, if I am not impressed with your proposal, you will become a prey! Get to work!” She said walking away. What was she talking about? I was new here and no one was willing to talk as they had seen an example of what talking when Chinaza didn’t ask you to talk could cause for you…I was turning around to see if someone could help but no one could ….Then I heard her voice in my heart….“You will be released in the next three days to the outside world, and you must find a way of bringing in sperm into your account daily. The day you fail to bring into your account, you will be severely punished, but for every day you bring in, you will be paid handsomely in cash…, so go and think on your strategy”….As I looked up I saw her looking at me from a transparent glass office with a very mean look….I turned from her and walked towards my cell, I didn’t want to become a prey and for the first time in five years after school, I was forced by the She devil to put my brain to work….The next day as people were defending their proposals, I marveled at the rate people thought of how to get the male sperm into their accounts….My strategy was different, but I knew it was going to work….To be continued….Good morning and have a great day.

By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Chinaza stood in front of the big Lecture Hall as tension was the right word to describe the atmosphere of the hall as we “Chinaza’s soldiers” were ready to defend our proposals…
It was either you impressed her or you became a prey (which one of my new friends had told me that being a prey meant being killed and one’s body parts will be sold to ritualists).
Chinaza started talking…
“Every sperm is sacred. Every sperm is great. If a sperm gets wasted, THE CREATOR gets angry, and that is our desire because the average male will produce roughly 500 billion sperm cells over a lifetime. It might interest you to know that a healthy adult male can release between 40 million and 1.2 billion sperm cells in a SINGLE ejaculation. That is to say, every ejaculation produces over 50 million “would be” or potential human beings, but mostly only one becomes the physical baby we hold in our hands….”
Chinaza went silent, and there was dead silence in the hall, then she picked up again…
“That is to say for every sperm released is a potential HUMAN BEING…Hence, instead
of the popular killing of human beings and shedding of blood for rituals or some diabolical spiritual transactions, we prefer to use the potential lives in the sperm. It is more efficient and less noticeable. We sell these sperm collected to men and women who are looking for fast wealth or trying to do some spiritual evil work.
Therefore, for every ejaculation that is wasted and you are able to trap into your account, you have been able to kill or trap 40 million virtues that ought to belong to that man and you will be heavily paid…Do you understand?”
The room was still silent, as I wondered how Chinaza just gave us a demonic but highly
scientifically backed up lecture.
“So the male semen carried so much value and yet we waste it in the name of enjoyment…Imagine all the wasted virtues…Over 50 million in one ejaculation!” I thought
“Another important thing to note is that, we can’t trap all sperm, we only trap wasted ones… The ones from married couples cannot be trapped, but the ones wasted whether in form of Masturbation, adultery, fornication and Homosexuality are the ones that we can trap…” She said.
Chinaza kept on talking but I couldn’t hear her again… as I tried to sieve her words to know if there were elements of truth in it…
She said God was angry when Sperm was wasted… Hmm… She was definitely right about that, because I remembered one of the stories in the Bible about a man named Onan who was always spilling his semen on the floor as a way of punishing a woman, God killed
him for that act…I remember My Dad preaching about it in one of the services when I was a teenager.
“0049….” my heart almost jumped out of my body… I thought Chinaza was about to call me to be the first to defend my proposal, but she had called 00497…
I watched as a lady in her 30’s stood up…
“I intend….

To be continued

PART 12“TEACHER CHUKS” By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I watched as a lady in her 30’s stood up…“I intend to start up a housemaid organization, where House girls can be picked up from. However, I intend to brainwash the young girls to find a way of seducing their male bosses and making love with them…Also on the side, I plan on making the housemaid service a sex organization in disguise as any Husband who needed a girl who could be meeting his sexual needs could employ her as a housemaid. The wife would be ignorant of the arrangement…”My heart sank further as I wondered at the strategy people were putting in place to ruin people…My heart broke knowing that I had also been a victim in time past sleeping with maids. What if some of them were actually agents… No wonder, I had been emptied…“Good strategy but not good enough, go and tidy it up” Chinaza said to the lady…“00654, your turn!” Chinaza said…! I noticed she glanced at me occasionally.A man stood up this time around…“I am a movie producer, I intend to produce more Sex oriented movies that will have high pornographic content in it, which will In turn will create the desire to have sex. Most of them will hit the brothel or call up their girlfriends after watching such movies. Overtime this becomes a habit…“Another satanically well thought out plan from the pit of hell” I thought silently but Chinaza burst his bubble…“We already have someone in the movie industry doing that for us… The popular Cyrus (Not real name) is one of our sperm collectors, his erotic movies bring in a lot of male semen on a daily basis as people troop to watch his movies… His movies even encourages teenagers to masturbate, he is one of our highest paid sperm collector. That is why he has so much money to flaunt around…so 00654, I am not accepting your proposal, think of something else in the next 20 minutes or else you get fried….” Chinaza said“Fried? What does that mean again…? The devil and its agents were ruthlessly wicked”. Imuttered silently Chinaza turned towards another person but instead of calling the person’s number, she called mine instead….“00499…Your turn”…. My heart stopped working for some seconds as I knew the time had come…I knew every step I took to the front was a step towards hell, I knew I was about to sign a deal with the devil….“The most talented and untapped place where Quality semen with a lot of potential in them can be accessed is the place where you can find Children, Teenagers and Youths…”I noticed Chinaza shifted, she looked interested and she asked“You hope to get your sperm collection from children, teenagers and Youth…? That is a gold mine!” Chinaza said with a big smile…As I opened my mouth to speak about my strategy, I knew the Angels in heaven would be highly disappointed in me, but this was me trying to save my life…“I intend becoming a TEACHER, I had the experience of teaching during my National Youth Service Corps and I can tell you my students loved me… This is the plan…..”I rolled out my plan for about 10 minutes and Chinaza was very excited. She approved my plan instantly and she said I was ready to be released.We signed a deal with blood.I finally got out of Chinaza’s prison. The driver took me to a beautiful flat that had been secured for me. The House was fully equipped, the kitchen was fully stocked.I had to start work ASAP…That day was on a Thursday… By Friday, I went out looking for a teaching job…. My specialization as a Fine Art teacher was in high demand, so I got about three schools who were very willing to have me as a visiting teacher. I told them I was to resume the following month.Why? I had my reasons… I understood teenagers and Youths. I wanted to make a statement. Teenagers both male and female would easily warm up to a handsometeacher with Biceps.I hit the gym, worked out for a month, I got a good cream to freshen up my skin. I revamped myself.The moment I stepped into the first school, I knew I had conquered the school… All the girls fell for me, while all the boys saw in me a handsome mentor…..That gave me full access in destroying a lot of them and making a lot of money….This was what I did, immediately I got into the first school…To be continued

Part 13 “Teacher Chuks By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde:

She was very beautiful, yet so tender and innocent. For a 14 year old girl, her beauty was
way too much. To make matters complicated in her Favour, she was a brainy. She had the whole school singing her praise. She was the Head Girl.
The first day I saw her at the assembly ground, I knew she was going to be one of my targets, but the day I wore my special specs glasses Chinaza had given me and saw the volume of virtue she carried in her, I knew I didn’t need to chase after all the rats In the
“If I could get this one rat, she will get all the other rats…” I had said to myself. What was the Special Specs glasses for?
Before I left Chinaza’s Prison, she had called me in for a private chat with her…
“Chuks, I am happy you took this whole situation in good fate, which shows you are a strong person. The truth is I don’t like being this Chinaza that you see, but the day I realized I was in soup already, I told myself to find a way to survive in it…So you are just like me. That is why I have decided to help you with your assignment…I will be giving you some special Spiritual gadgets…First, this is the Spiritual All seeing eyes”
She handed me a beautiful specs glasses…
“You don’t have to wear it every time, because it might run you mad as you will be seeing a lot of invisible things. You only wear it when you need to size a person up, it helps you to see the person’s value, Spiritual strength, Weaknesses and a lot of other personal things you need to know about that person….” Chinaza said
The Special Specs was what I used in evaluating Rejoice the Head girl…
We were having Fine Art class one sunny Afternoon and I had told them to draw the state
of their minds, this gave me ample time to scan her thoroughly…To anyone who looked
at me ordinarily, you would think I was just looking at the students, but I was deep in my
These were the things I discovered about her:

  • 14 year old
  • Only daughter of her parents
    *Exceptionally creative
  • Carries a billion star ⭐️ glory.
    All around her, I could see stars…
    You could also swipe with the specs to see what her future could look like, the specs was
    just going to give a premonition of what she could become based on the greatness she carried, When I swiped I saw
  • She could be the First Female Governor of her State
  • She could be a renowned Novelist
    *She could be a renowned Public Speaker changing women globally
  • She would give birth and raise great minds, who would in turn be great influencers….
    Her Proposed achievements were limitless…
    I decided to check her weakness and found my access point…
    *Parents don’t show her love, in fact her mother tells her she is ugly as a way of not letting
    her beauty get into her brain…so she will easily fall for anyone who could make her feel
    That was my Access key….
    After the Fine Art class, as everyone was stepping out of my Art studio, I asked her to
    stay behind…
    “ Head girl, I love when I see beauty and brains….Keep it up and don’t let any of these
    small boys get into that great brain of yours” I gave her a smile and she blushed.
    “Thank you, Mr. Chuks”
    “You are welcome, dear…Stay beautiful “
    Another Gadget Chinaza had given me was the “Hearing Ear”. It was like a small Bluetooth earpiece. It made you hear the thoughts of the person you are targeting and also the person’s conversation about you.
    It also had its side effect, like you know the devil doesn’t have anything that is perfectly good.
    I couldn’t use the Earpiece for a long time as I would be hearing all sorts of strange and
    demonic voices…
    It was with the Earpiece I monitored Rejoices thoughts…
    As I was complimenting her, I heard her thoughts loud and clear…
    “Oh my goodness, out of the girls in this class, Mr. Chuks called me to tell me I am beautiful… Maybe he likes me… Aww… and he is so handsome, see his pink lips, I wish I could just kiss his lips…”
    And she went on and on as she left my presence.
    That was how, I got Rejoice… I started telling her sweet nothings, giving her empty
    promises. I was on her case for two months…
    “Rejoice, I really love you, maybe it’s because god knows I will meet you that was why, he directed me to this school to teach, If I don’t marry you, I think I will die… Honestly, I don’t think I can wait till you finish university for us to get married, maybe we should get married in the next two years, when you are 16 and you will continue your education in my house…”
    Rejoice was head over heels lost in love with me, so getting her on my bed was the easiest thing to do…
    It happened on the 15th February, the day after Valentine’s Day…I saw the stars disappearing….

To be continued shortly.
Good morning and have a great day ahead.

Part 14 Teacher Chuks By Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde:

On Valentine’s Day, I sent her a cake, a brand new Expensive phone, a box of Expensive chocolates and a pack of expensive perfumes… It was well packaged and delivered to her in school.I didn’t want my identity to be revealed, so I wrote on the card with a disguised handwriting…“To her who has the beauty and brains, my goddess …I love you forever” From your secret Admirer.You should trust girls in the school, everywhere was on fire, and I could hear the students whispering amongst themselves…“You need to see the Valentine gift senior Rejoice got from her secret admirer”It was the talk of the school…Even unmarried singles who were teachers were talking about it…I sent for her…“Thanks” she said shyly as she entered my Art studio“For What?” I said smiling at her seductively…“The gifts of course”“And who said I was the one who sent it?” I said smiling“I know it was from you, no other person calls me beauty with brains”“Ok, so what if I did? Do I get a return gift?”“I don’t have money to buy gifts” she said shyly“I don’t want gift, I want love…I want you to show me that you love me just the way I do and that you won’t betray me”“Betray you?”“Yes, very soon you will get into the university and you will fall in love with a boy your age. That’s when you begin to say I am way too older than you”“That’s not true” she said blushing“Then show me you will stay true to your words”“I promise” she said“I don’t want words, I want you and I to become one, that way we will be bound together, that way you will love me more and I will be sure you will never leave me”“Sex?” She asked shyly“Huh Huh” I answered“I am a virgin and Mum says it’s only my husband that must deflower me”“I am your husband to be, I want to be your Husband, I am on the same page with your Mum, I don’t want anyone taking advantage of you… Rejoice…the love I have for you, I don’t understand myself…”“I don’t know…” she said looking confused“You know what? Just forget it, I guess I am just the one crazy about you” I said trying to feign annoyance as I turned from her to arrange some books on my table…“You are angry sir…?” She asked with a sense of guilt…“Not angry, just hurt… As a teacher, you know I don’t have much, but I had to borrow to buy all those things to make you happy, thinking you loved me too”“I…Love you too sir”“No you don’t…If you do, you will allow me to be the first and only man in your life…I feel like holding and cuddling you”“Sir, give me some time at least let me get into the university…”“Someone else will take you from me” I allowed a fake tear drop…“Sir, you are crying?”“Me? Cry? I just have something in my eye” I said wiping my tears“Sir, if it will make you happy, I will do it, but hope I won’t get pregnant”?“I will use a protective condom, you know what that is, right?”She nodded. Fortunately for her, Yes, I was going to use a physical protective condom to prevent her from getting pregnant and having any sexually transmitted disease(STD), but if only she knew it couldn’t prevent her from the Spiritual STD which is the Sexually transmitted Demons.(STD).We agreed instead of coming to school the next day, she would come over to my house…The next day when she got to my place around 8am, I didn’t want to rush things so I took her out for Pizza and Ice cream and we went for a swim. I spoiled her silly.At about 12 noon, we returned to my house. I started playing some erotic blues, I told her some fake stories about how I had been dumped by ladies because I showed ladies too much love. I told her I was a fool for love…I crowded her with so much emotional talk that she was the one who rushed to kiss me….As we got deep in the romance, I remembered Chinaza told me I could put on my specs when having sexual intercourse with a lady, that way I get to see the spiritual transaction taking place , my progress and to know if it was the lady who was having the upper hand spiritually…“I need to put on my glasses!” I said as I pushed her away from me“Why?” She asked“I want to see your eyes clearly, so I register this special moment in my brain”She smiled shyly…When I wore my specs, what I saw dazed me…. I saw the spiritual transaction that happens during sex….To be continued… YOU CAN READ THE PART 3 FIRST

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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