Choosing The Best Seat On An Airplane:

Choosing The Best Seat On An Airplane:

You need a break or you have a short visit, we all know the best bet is to go by air but one challenge we all face is finding the best seat on a plane especially when you are flying the economy class.

The best cabin class to fly is either the business or first class where there are fewer people and you are treated with class but there is nothing wrong in flying economy class since it’s affordable.

Some airlines take about 300 people in the economy class so getting a good seat can be quite stressful. The importance of finding a good seat cannot be overemphasized because the seat you choose dictates the tone of your journey, it could make it a pleasurable one or miserable.

The best seat on a plane

Exit rows, aisle or window seats, and seats close to the front are typically the best seat on a plane. These seats can guarantee your comfort.

When you are on a short trip it’s better to go for the aisle seat near the front of the plane as this helps you to debark quickly at the point of arrival. For a long or overnight trip, the window seat is your best option so you can rest your head and also enjoy a perfect view.

If you are a nervous flyer then sit over the wing where there is less turbulence. Exit row offers more legroom but this is not your best option if you are travelling as a family because children are not allowed to sit in the exit room.

Many flyers also prefer the “bulkhead seat” which are the seats directly behind the physical barriers (such as walls, curtains, or screens) that separate different parts of the plane. While bulkhead might be a good option, it could be a terrible decision because they are not equal in all planes. In some planes, the first bulkhead row may be cramped and uncomfortable. Also, you won’t have a spot to store a personal item under the seat in front of you for easy access.

The middle seat in any row is undesirable and it could make your journey a bit boring and uncomfortable. Rows near flight attendant areas and restrooms tend to be noisier and experience more traffic, and seats very close to overhead movie screens can be uncomfortable, or bright if you are trying to sleep.

How to get the seat of your choice

Book early

More airlines now offer the option to pay and reserve your seats online, either at the time of booking or when you perform online check-in. This is the safest way to try and get the seat of your choice, but please remember that this is certainly not always a guarantee that you will receive this seat on your flight!

The airline may change the aircraft type before you travel, so the seat numbers you have selected might either change or not be in the position that you had expected. There are also many instances where the airline’s “system” may decide to re-allocate your chosen seat to another passenger – and you will be left trying to resolve this at the airport check-in (possibly with no success!)

Arrive at the airport early

This is also a great way of getting a good seat, when you get to the airport early you get the join the queue early and you choose the seat you want.

Be specific

When you know the exact seat you want, it helps the agents locate it for you. Let them exactly what you want, don’t tell them to give you “a good seat” be specific.

Purchase a better seat

Some airlines allow you to purchase a better seat that has more legroom, you could pay for that and enjoy comfort.


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