Does Love Really Exist?

MIchelle and Barack Obama

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Love is an illusion” Kate yelled at her best friend Armani. Kate just had her heart broken by her longtime lover Charles. Charles and Kate had been the envy of their friends, you know those couple that would make you feel jealous because they are always showing PDA that was Kate and Charles until they broke up about eight months ago and Kate refused to move on.

Armani had been trying to console and comfort Kate since the heartbreak but she was tired of seeing her best friend mop around and miss out on good things because of a man who has moved on. They entered a heated arguement when she invited Kate to come along for a birthday party maybe love would find her but Kate had obviously given up on love and she believes it’s just an illusion.

In a world where marriages are crashing every day, hearts are being broken and children are raised by single parents it makes you question if love really exists and with the pains going all around you, there is a chance you also believe like Kate that love is an illusion.

According to, it was discovered that the marriage rate in the U.S is 6.8 per 1,000 total population and the divorce rate is 3.2 per 1,000 that’s like half of those who got married! It’s shocking how romance and love fly away after a few months of saying I do. The same people who vow to love each other through thick and thin are filing for divorce just a few months after.

Jada and Will Smith

We are seeing a lot of marriages crash but at the same time, a lot of marriages thriving at the same time. Barack and Michelle Obama would celebrate 27 years in October, Will and Jada Smith have been married for 22 years, Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance have been married for 22 years and Beyonce and Jay-Z even with up and downs have stayed committed to each other since they got married in 2008.

MIchelle and Barack Obama

Each of these couples have different stories to tell, they have all their up and downs some even battled infidelity in their partners but they pulled through and came out stronger, the truth is love does exist but people are not ready to do the work.

I’m not asking you to endure a cheating partner or domestic violence, your mental health is very important and you don’t have to die in the name of love. The reason why a lot of marriages are crashing is that people are not ready to put in the work, people come in with expectations and when their expectations are not met they just want to go.

Love does exist and it takes a lot of sacrifices to make relationships work.

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