Club Side Gossip

Club Side Gossip

MAN CITY is the son of the rich man in town. His parents have hired the best lesson teachers to coach him.

LIVERPOOL always wants to claim he is the best because his father was the best during his time in the same school.

CHELSEA is the big bully of the class. He comes first sometimes but his rich father is never satisfied with his performance.

TOTTENHAM doesnt really want to be first, all he wants is to be better than Arsenal.

ARSENAL is that kid who works hard and before exams forgets his mathematical set, calculator & pen. He constantly fall sick during cats and exams but very active during normal classes and even corrects the teacher….all teachers keep saying he was going to be the first in class but ends up being position four…or worse.

MANCHESTER UNITED is that student whose father is the wealthiest and used to sort out all his courses and bribe all the teachers for him to be at the top in those days but after his father passed away and his mother inherited the whole wealth and forced him to study by himself BT pride no gree am, he is always number 6 because he can nolonger get marks. Instead of concentrating on today’s work he’s everytime thinking about how he used to perform in the past while others are progressing.

WESTHAM is a kid whose parents gave up on him. He doesnt purchase revision books, he dodges classes and is happy with his position.

WOLVES is a student always in class, not a bright one but disturbs the bright students.

CARDIFF is that stubborn kid who sits at the back to make fun and always among the last.


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