It doesn’t take thousands of years to a decision. A decision you take in moment can effect a positive change in your life.

The day you ignore pride and it’s pompousity is enough to settle your broken marriages and relationships.

The day you take a bold step to reconcile with your spouse is remarkable.
The day you say bye bye to gossip and naysayers will mark a new beginning in your relationship.

The day you ignore suspicions and start trusting each other will bind you together.

You started enjoying your relationship only but one day you forgive yourselves.

It’s only a day that you learn how to be boldly tell each other I am sorry.

You can do it now, make it now, bring them now, call them now, welcome them now and have it now, only but one day.

A day is enough to start loving each other.

A day is enough to build and rebuild a your relationship.

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