By Karen Sila

In motion, in sync in rythm,
I hear it.
Like a melody,
Fast or slow never changing,
Heart beat.

Welcome Life.
If it had a rythm I would be happy,
It’s melody at times hard to sing.
Unpredictable, hard to place, hard to tell.
Direction that we can tell.

Again I hear it,
Not just hear but listen.
Mostly we hear, rarely listen,
It’s more than beating, pumping.

Touch your heart, find the beat.
Listen let it speak,
It’s louder than the drumbeat.
Anxiety, excitement, victory, disappointment,
Life lived, at times hard to believe.
Heart and life, variables,
Never independent, dependent.
72 beats per minute,
Heart rate may rise or fall, but steady the beat,
Life is never constant but the heart beats as a reminder,
A day at a time, situation at a time.
Life ain’t perfect but the best we can do is live it with love.
Listen to your heart beat,
If it still beats,
Finding life’s rhyme & rythm is a possibility.

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